MOSAIC presents Special People with Special Talents

Erhard Schiller
Painter who lived and worked in Cologne, Germany
Erhard Schiller Gine and Ernst Weber Gine & Ernst Weber
Designers, goldsmiths and friends from Krefeld, Germany
Susanne and Rudolf Schoeneberger
who serve at "Heilig Grab" in Boppard, Germany, excellent wines from their own vineyard
Susanne and Rudolf Schoeneberger Lou Manche Lou Manche
Dutch artist who met Waldemar Herrmann 1945 in Lüneburg, Germany
Maria Reuter
Kunst vom Küchentisch
Maria Reuter Bernardo Guto Bernardo Guto
Painter, whose paintings are full of spirituality.
where are you?
El Lugar del Nopal
Adelaida del Real y José Pastor, Tijuana, Mexico
El Lugar del Nopal Librería El Día Librería El Día
only in spanish
Everything you expect from a good bookstore
Peter Dietz * Kunstliebhaber
Peter Dietz Matthias Weber Matthias Weber, Architekt
TAUT Projekt
Zeichnungen - Drawings

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