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    IBS - Institut für Beratung und Supervision, Aachen
    Träger: Caritasverband für das Bistum Aachen e.V.
    Das gepfefferte Ferkel Das gepfefferte Ferkel Lesebuch für SozialarbeiterInnen und andere KonstruktivistInnen zusammengewürfelt von Theodor-Maria Bardmann, Heinz Jürgen Kersting und Hans-Christoph Vogel (September 1991)

    Eine Geschichte, geschrieben rund um die Bilder von Jorge Hitchcock
    Nicolas Berggruen Institute     Konflikt- und Friedensforschung     GENDER ASPECTS
  • GenderNet of the Worldbank

  • Gender electronic sources list
    e l d i s, the gateway to development information

  • Women's and Gender Studies
    LSU Libraries - Lousiana State University
    • Women's and Gender Studies (WGS) at LSU and in Louisiana
      • Resources for Women's & Gender Studies; Feminism
      • Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Resources
    • Education Resources
    • Organizations, Associations & Forums
    • Politics and Activism
    • History and Archives
    • Health, Sexuality, and Reproductive Issues
    • Research and Reference Tools
    • Journals and Magazines

  • Men's Issues Page
    The World Wide Web Virtual Library:
    Our mission is to cover the several men's movements encyclopediacally

  • Men for Change
    An important part of our work is to develop positive no-violent male views. Men for Change has been active in publishing materials for public education. The most comprehensive publication to date is a curriculum we developed for teen-aged youth to help them develop healthy attitudes towards relationships.

  • Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA)
    The national Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA) Equity Resource Center works to improve educational, social, and economic outcomes for women and girls.

  • ZiF Research / GenderForschung
    The Center (ZiF, Christian-Albrecht University Kiel) conducts interdisciplinaryand comparative research projects. The ZiF emphasizes cooperation with all faculties and disciplines.

  • IDS BRIDGE Development and Gender in Brief
    Gender knowledge for a fairer world / BRIDGE supports your gender mainstreaming efforts by bridging the gaps between theory, policy and practice with accessible gender information.

  • Internet Public Library * IPL
    Issues and Conflicts * Subsections of the Issues and Conflicts section are:
    Abuse | Advice and Counseling | Babysitting Safety | Cars & Driving | Cultural Diversity | Disabilities | Family | Gangs | Law | Pregnancy | Sexual Assault | Sexuality | Suicide |

  • ADOL - Adolescence Directory On-Line
    ADOL * Conflict and Violence: This collection of electronic resources is intended for parents, educators, researchers, health practitioners, and teens.
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