"Carpeta Virtual" of ArteTotal
In our "Carpeta Virtual" we present the works by artists from the 5 North Western Mexican States: Baja California, Baja California Sur, Nayarit, Sonora and Sinaloa.
There is a seperate guest section for invited artists.

Art News & Links at ArteTotal

ArteNoroeste Artistas Plásticos del Noroeste de México
Here you can find information about exhibitions in North Western Mexico.

Bernardo Guto Art Works of a friend

Carol L. Gerten's Fine Art Gallary or Artists from A to Z
The pictures have an excellent quality, and you can enjoy thousands of them. Until now it is free of charge.

Mark Harden's Museum of Art
The Artchive is a free resource for students, artists and art lovers around the world.

Olga's Gallery

San Diego Art Institute * SDAI
Museum of the Living Artist

San Diego Museum of Art

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
La Jolla / Downtown

The Florence Art Guide
Welcome to the Art Guide of Florence.
Choose your language and explore the monuments, historic periods, artists and art works that have made Florence such a wonderful city. Just click on the map to start or look up the Index.

WebMuseum, Paris
Welcome to our guests from all over the world! The ever-expanding WebMuseum network is now welcoming 200,000 visitors every week, delivering over 10 million documents! (PS: remember to click on the inlined thumbnail images to enlarge them...). I wish you the most pleasant visit!
If this is one of your first trips on the Web, you may want to start exploring a tiny subset of the collections first: try out the medieval art exhibit. However, most artworks are exhibited in the Famous Paintings section. One final word: if you ever get lost, feel free to experiment the endpage navigation panel. Enjoy!

Please take a couple of seconds to switch to the closest site in the ever-expanding WebMuseum network; this should dramatically improve the speed of data access:
Web Museum, Paris
Hosted by the University of North Carolina, USA.

Christus Rex The Vatican's own on-line collection, with over a thousand images of frescoes, sculptures, oil paintings and sarcophagi. Over 300 images of Michelangelo's ceiling in the Sistine Chapelalone!

Vatikan Museums * Musei Vaticani
The founding of the Vatican Museums can be traced back to 1503 when the newly-elected Pope, Julius II, placed a statue of Apollo in the internal courtyard of the Belvedere Palace built by Innocent VIII; he brought the statue from the garden of his titular church of St. Peter in Chains. In 1506 the Laocoon was added to the collection, after its discovery on the Esquiline Hill before the eyes of Giuliano di Sangallo and Michelangelo Buonarroti.
Scores of artifacts were added throughout the next two centuries and the collections were eventually reorganized under Benedict XIV (1740-1758) and Clement XIII (1758-1769). They founded the Apostolic Library Museums: the Sacred (Museo Sacro - 1756) and the Profane (Museo Profano - 1767).
The Christian Museum, comprising finds from the catacombs that could not be conserved in situ, was founded by Pius IX in 1854 in the Lateran Palace and was moved to the Vatican Museums by Pope John XXIII.
Pope Pius XI inaugurated in 1932 the definitive seat of the Vatican Picture Gallery (the Pinacoteca), near the monumental entrance of the Vatican Museums.

THAIS Italian Sculpture
A magnificent visual repository of large, well-defined images of sculpture. As you'd expect, lots of Michelangelo, but other artists covered comprehensively. Thais - 1200 anni di scultura italiana * Michelangelo Buonarroti

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