PHOTO GALLERY: Images as Mirrors & Memories

Magic Mexico
Baja California Sur, Mexico: phantastic, magic as well as curious things
(Photos: Jens Herrmann)
Magic Mexico Digital Transissions Digital Transitions
based on scans of slides and
digital photographs
(Petra + Jens Herrmann)
Baja Impressions
Baja Californis Sur, Mexico: Sea of Cortéz, desert, vegetation
(Photos: Jens Herrmann)
Baja Impressions Street Art Street Art
Houses, playground, costruction sites, fences etc.
(Photos: Jens Herrmann)
Body Art
Body paintings, Performances etc., Hamburg, Germany
(Photos: Jens Herrmann)
Body Art in Hamburg, Germany Erotik AdArt Erotik AdArt
Erotik "AdArtPaintings" Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany
(Photos: Jens Herrmann)
Graffiti in Hamburg, Germany
"Ottensen lebt"
Hamburg, Germany
(Photos: Alf Trojan)

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